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“My wish is for a new equality and balance in the general field of health care: that all healing modalities will become respectful and supportive, conscious of each others’ special talents and value to the larger picture of total health and well-being for all people.”

Trilby Sedlacek, AHG,
Registered Herbalist

A practicing herbalist and owner of Green Angels Herbs & Healing Arts, Trilby has offered private clinical consultations since 1990, combining western, eclectic and common sense approaches to nutrition and herbal medicine. She is an advocate for natural health, an AHG Registered Herbalist, and the only professional member of the American Herbalist Guild in the state of Iowa. She is trained in the art of Reiki, and teaches and practices herbal touch massage techniques. Trilby is a knowledgeable and animated speaker and has been called on to speak to students and organizations for fifteen years. Trilby has taught classes and lectured on herbal medicine at  Kirkwood Community College and other colleges and universities across the state of Iowa. Many regional conferences and local events have been enriched by her presentations, including Sun Flower Healing Festival in Kansas City, the special exhibit "Art in Roman Life: Villa to Grave" at the Cedar Rapids Museum of Art, and Frontier Herb’s Herb Fest in Norway, Iowa. Trilby combines a background of twenty years in the mental health field with her herbal practice. She is very involved with Health Freedom issues and is currently a steering committee member of the Iowa Health Freedom Coalition. Trilby’s column “Green Health” is featured in every issue of The Stone Path.

“I try to walk softly in this world;
the plants are under my feet.”

Trilby’s Approach to Healing

For thousands of years the wise women were in tune with the natural rhythms of their bodies. When did we stop listening to the subtle notes that are given daily? At what point did we give up being the conductor of our health and well being? When did we go deaf to the songs of nature, the moon, which give us the tempo to be in step with our bodies for a balanced healthy life style?

Society at large in modern communities came to view herbalism as outdated and antiquated, and in fact the practice of herbalism became illegal. Women forgot the art of herbs and healing; they forgot their own intuitive and healing powers, leaving those in the hands of the medical doctors. This was the sad case for almost one hundred years.

This issue of who is in charge of my health goes back to self-responsibility and a belief that the body heals itself. Real plants are much more able to work with the genetic/evolutionary coding in our bodies; we were made to work with the energetic patterns given off by the plants when we ingest them. They help our cells; tissues and the energetic integrity of our bodies remember how to be in balance once again. I don’t think one can get that from a pill made in a chemical laboratory.

We got lazy; it isn’t the doctor’s fault. We all wanted the magic pill. We didn’t want to have to eat better, develop healthier life styles. We wanted the quick fix. We gave away our power.

Trilby's Approach to Healing has been compiled from “Herbal Discrimination,” and “The Rhythm of Women’s Health”  by Trilby Sedlacek. The complete articles can be viewed in our web site archives.


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