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At Green Angels Herbs & Healing Arts, our shelves are stocked with healthful products, yes, but behind each product is an additional and no less important element: the research that placed it there. The store came into being out of a particular need, and it exists today in answer to that need.

Green Angels Herbs & Healing Arts retail shop began as an extension of Trilbyís private practice as a Clinical Herbalist. Time and again, clients left a consultation with a list in hand, only to realize later how difficult it would be to purchase the items locally. As a consequence, the availability of truly healthy and high quality products is a part of the agenda behind each order made. Trilby locates products to support both ancient and current natural health protocols, utilizing both conventional and traditional healing methods. She stocks the shelves, whenever possible, with organic, natural and pure ingredients, as nature intended.

Our inventory includes bulk herbs and custom blends, as well as specialties such as coconut oil and Real Salt mineral salt. Brands we carry regularly include: Frontier Natural Co-op Products, Amrita Essential Oils, Burtís Bees, Home Health, Source Naturals and Yogi Teas. We also carry many unique products such as eclectic herbal formulas and tinctures from Herb Pharm and Herbalist & Alchemist, as well as special salves, bulk tea blends and hand-packed herbal capsules.

photo of Trilby Sedlacek, AHG

Link to "Understanding Herbal Medicine" from the ArchiveOur goal is to provide herbs and natural products to the public along with the necessary knowledge to apply them effectively, appropriately and wisely. In fact, we provide some fundamental information right here on this web site.

We carry a small but well-chosen selection of terrific books and pamphlets to guide you through your transitions in lifestyle and diet, and to further your understanding of herbs and their uses. Please let us know if you are looking for a product.


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