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Directed Healing at Green Angels Herbs & Healing Arts

Our services in the Healing Arts may all be seen as ways to increase your own involvement in your health. What begins as direction in healing becomes self-directed healing. What actually changes over time is the degree of your own involvement and the level of your own authority.

Herbal Consultations
What happens in an herbal consultation?
At an herbal consultation, you actually sit down with the herbalist and take the time to discuss your concerns, analyze your current health needs, and discover alternatives. You and your herbalist will review your current diet and nutrition, supplements, OTC, and prescription of your current health situation. We will discuss desired outcome and develop a complete and integrated program for you. Some consults last only one hour; other situations may last longer. 

Why schedule a consultation?

People schedule consultations with our herbalist for a variety of reasons. Some people schedule a consultation for pure improvement of their current health and to learn about preventative medicine; others schedule appointments because they have not found success within the current medicine model. Some individuals just want more control and involvement in their own health.
How are charges determined for herbal consultations?
Our hourly professional rate for the initial herbal consultation is $65. Monthly programs or periodic re-evaluations may also be arranged at a negotiable fee.
Are herbs included in the consultation?
Purchase of products is separate from the consult. You may purchase products at any location you select. Green Angels Herbs can put together your order from our well-stocked shelves of bulk herbs, hard-to-find tinctures, eclectic formulas, and teas. A file is developed for our clientele and kept confidential at Green Angels Herbs & Healing Arts.
How do I schedule a consultation?
By calling or stopping by our store and resource center, Green Angels Herbs & Healing Arts! When you schedule your appointment, you will be given a short homework assignment ahead of time to complete and bring back. We review this information together in the office and develop a program based on the patterns and concerns brought up in the review.
Do I need to know a lot about herbs and holistic medicine to follow the program the herbalist prescribes?
Everyone walks in with a different level of knowledge of herbs and their curative properties, so we approach each situation at a level appropriate for the individual’s most successful outcome. Clients frequently take notes and ask questions as we proceed, but a brief written outline can be provided later after the herbalist has formulated a specific herbal program and researched any herb/drug contra-indications. Ours is not a one-size-fits-all approach, and many options exist. Herbal classes may become part of a client’s program. The herbalist may refer to other alternative healing arts professionals. And then, too, we hope that you find you can learn a lot right at this web site!


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At Green Angels Herbs & Healing Arts, instruction and training in the Healing Arts are available at three levels of commitment. Which one is most appropriate for you depends on your own intention and on your available time.
    Register for Home Herbalist
    This sequenced course of study is designed for the aspiring home herbalist, for those who want to incorporate herbs into their daily lives, and who want to know more than books alone can provide.
    Sign up for the Single-session workshops
    A variety of single-session workshops are offered from time to time. These classes are open to the general public and are geared toward the herbally-interested novice or beginning student seeking an introduction to some of the many practical applications of herbs. This year we have added holiday and seasonal topics to our workshop schedule. Stop by the store for details.
    Apply for an apprenticeship / mentorship
    Apprenticeship training is for those seeking eventual certification with the American Herbalists Guild. This is a long(er)-term commitment, involving ongoing guidance from our AHG registered herbalist.
Our classes feature hands-on experiences in a lab setting, field trips, out-of-state guest speakers, and herb walks. They are topically various, ranging from “The Immune System” to “Aphrodisiacs for Elders.”

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Reiki is a wonderful therapy for healing the body, mind and spirit, no matter which other healing arts you may be using. Reiki is a Japanese word for "Universal Life Energy." This ancient Japanese technique promotes healing through channeling or redirecting the life force energy through passages that have become blocked. Reiki reduces stress and enhances relaxation. Reiki's intent is healing with planetary energy and love, and the Reiki practitioner, who must be attuned by a trained Reiki Master, serves as a channel of this Universal healing energy. Restore balance and harmony to your life, and schedule a Reiki session right here at Green Angels Herbs & Healing Arts. Trilby Sedlacek is a certified Reiki practitioner. 

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To notify us of your interest, or to ask for more details about any of these services, you may contact us via e-mail at




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